Link Summers - A well-known leader in wastewater treatment technologies in the State of New Mexico, Mr. Summers has been manufacturing, installing and maintaining advanced treatment systems for over 15 years. As an NM Certified Wastewater Operator, Mr. Summers understands the practical side of the Liquid Waste Rules, however, his knowledge of NMED's Liquid Waste Rules is more profound as he has been involved in shaping related legislation since 1994. His experiences have included serving on Governor Johnson's committee to rewrite the Rules and serving as the Chair of the Field Operations Subcommittee for Governor Richardson's Transition Team. He is also a registered and active lobbyist in the New Mexico Legislature.
     Outside of New Mexico, Mr. Summers has served on the Committee to Re-Write the Rules in Austin, Travis County & the Lower Colorado River Authority. He also is a member of an on-site trade consortium in Vancouver, Canada, and in 2005, traveled to China as part of an on-site wastewater technology exchange, sponsored by the Government of Canada. Mr. Summers continues to explore new issues and ideas in water treatment and currently holds several patents relating to on-site wastewater treatment and disposal technologies.