NAWT Training Programs:   Basic and Inspector Training  The National Association of Wastewater Transporters, Inc. (NAWT) is an education conduit for the industry at the national level. This is the national certification program for individual sewage treatment system inspection. The inspection education program incorporates the USEPA proposed five management levels to provide the rationale and basis for inspecting onsite wastewater treatment systems.  Currently there are over 1,100 inspectors registered on the NAWT website.  The NAWT level of inspection is at the operation level.  It requires the inspector to locate and identify all parts of the onsite treatment system. The inspector then must be able to assess the condition of each part and determine whether it is operating properly or if there are system deficiencies to be corrected.  To do this requires that all parts of the system be accessible and opened for inspection.  This includes septic tanks, pump chambers, pretreatment media filters, aerobic treatment units and soil treatment units.

The NAWT program requires inspectors to complete 8 hours of continuing education every 2 years to maintain their certification.